Shredders for industrial applications

MOCO Shredder from Viernheim, Germany is your expert for shredding.

MOCO stands for experience and technical knowledge. As a company operating globally, we have been advising numerous customers on all continents for many years.

Flexibility, care and innovation. These terms characterise MOCO from Viernheim, Germany. As a company rich in tradition combining proven technology with innovative concepts, many customers rely on our expertise. Because it is possible to shred almost any solid material. MOCO has decades of experience in this field. And precisely this experience teaches us that no two materials react alike. Wood, plastics, paper, glass, metals, rubber, natural products, minerals, chemicals or other substances: Each material in its specific initial form and quantity reacts differently during shredding depending on the degree of shredding and the physical and chemical properties.

Reliable and durable shredding technology therefore requires planning, technical knowledge and experience. Only customised technology will secure the desired result. In many cases, this includes shredding of non-uniform materials. Mixed sizes and big differences in the initial form additionally increase the demands on the shredding technology.

Shredding technology from MOCO in Viernheim – tailored perfectly to your needs.

MOCO has developed various cutters for each shredder according to the specific properties of each material. The width of the blades, the tooth shape, the number of teeth per blade and their arrangement on the circumference determine the performance characteristics of each cutter. MOCO not only sets high quality standards for the right cutter. Also important are the stable seat on the shaft and easy, service-friendly replacement. As an international manufacturer of shredding machines and complete systems for industrial applications, MOCO is your ideal partner for a wide range of shredding operations. Why so? MOCO has been developing customised shredders since 1971 with over 4000 shredders in use worldwide.

Did you know?
We test and examine the materials to be crushed for different aspects at our state-of-the-art test centre – because each material behaves differently.

more than 40

years of experience in the design
and manufacturing of shredders.


shredders installed

30,000 tonnes

of throughput annually
are not uncommon for shredders from MOCO.

more than 130

different application areas
exist for MOCO shredders.

An overview of our product groups


Feeder to the shredder: Crushing, deforming and feeding of bulky feed material into the MOCO shredder, such as for barrels, canisters and Euro pallets.

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Four-shaft shredders

The four-shaft shredders MOCO AZ 10 to MOCO AZ 17 E are suitable for a high degree of shredding in a single-stage shredding process and for a defined particle size. It is possible to adapt and extent these models individually.

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Two-shaft shredders

The twin-shaft shredders MOCO AZ 5F to MOCO AZ 20 can optionally be adapted to the material to be shredded by using hoppers, cutting discs of different widths as well as feeding and pressing devices.

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Single-shaft shredders

The single-shaft shredders from MOCO impress with their precise and fast operation as well as a perfect result for customers and their requirements in the respective field.

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Post shredding

Four-shaft granulators are used as post-shredding machines. All shredders are very robust and run slowly and quietly. The cutting discs can be replaced individually.

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MOCO. Shredding generates resources for a more beautiful environment.

Conserving resources is the core idea of every point of the Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act that Germany uses to regulate its waste management. The waste hierarchy is prioritised and is divided into prevention, reuse, recycling (material and energy) and disposal. MOCO supports every aspect of this act. Because the important process of shredding is the first stage of renewed raw material extraction.

  • Step 1

    MOCO shredders are used already in the waste prevention stage to bring intermediate products to the particle size required for the production process. This includes also difficult materials.

  • Step 2

    2. In the field of reuse, MOCO shredding systems crush waste from the production process for reuse as raw material. Recycling as the main component of secondary raw material extraction requires crushing for which customers like to use MOCO shredders.

  • Step 3

    MOCO shredders are used to recycle material or energy in the preparation of biogas production and substitute fuels.

  • Step 4

    If it is not possible to apply any of the above material flows, only the disposal remains where MOCO shredding technology helps to keep the volume as low as possible. This technology simplifies handling, reduces transport and disposal costs and protects the environment.

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